08 August 2018

Why go for Flat rate escort?

Flat Rate Escort Service Chicago

Have you ever experienced a price mismatch when you booked an escort in Chicago? Were you ever given different price over the phone and different price when an escort arrived? Well, you are not alone – lot of people face this problem with escort services in Chicago. Many escort agencies and independent escorts engage in this malpractice to lure clients into their kitty.

We, at Chicago Escorts, strongly reject such unethical practice. Our goal is to provide best escort experience to our clients and we know that misquoting the prices is a big turnoff.

Firstly, people feel cheated when an escort asks for extra money to do few extra things. They call escort for an appointment to forget about everything that’s happening in the world and have a good time with the chosen companion. Not to get overstressed with changed prices! The whole idea of having fun and getting relaxation turns upside down in this tricky situation for customer.

Secondly, it is really bad if you are not prepared for this. You don’t want to rush to the nearest ATM to fulfil the wish your favourite escort in Chicago at an odd hour. This is really tricky situation where you are in a party and fun mood, and suddenly it turn out to be a spoiler. If you are running short of cash or your daily withdrawal limit is over, you are not going to get enough fun. Is that really what you want?

On another note, your cash limit can’t be the deciding factor of your model’s attitude. It is not legit and should not be done to anyone. If an escort wants business with you, she needs to be transparent right from the first interaction.

However, things are how they should be with us – the Chicago Escorts. You don’t have to spend your time and energy to negotiate a deal with us, because we work on “Guaranteed Flat Rate Fee”. Chicago Escorts will charge the exact same amount that was told on phone. The adult entertainer that comes to you will never ask for any extra money to do any extra tasks. We seek a long term relationship with our clients, and we need your highest trust on us when it comes to finding best escorts in Chicago.

Give Chicago Escorts a chance to serve you, and we will do our best to give you the experience of a lifetime. We operate 24 x 7 and are a home to the finest escorts and models.

Give us a call on 312-733-7777 for fun-filled exciting time ahead!

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