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Chicago Escorts hosts the most amazing female escorts in Chicago! All of our exclusive escorts and female models have been selected from the prettiest, most sensual and open ladies, simply the best of what Greater Chicago Area has to offer! We are the home of the best Escorts of Chicago!

Chicago Escorts is most pleased to offer you a Flat Rate Fee escort services in the Chicagoland Area!

At Chicago Escorts, we are committed to offering the whole package of sensuality and as such we have created a full package escort service that offers a full experience for our visitors. Most importantly, our escorts come with a flat hourly rate with absolutely no hidden fees or any additional costs to our customers. Fun is what Chicago Escorts is all about! We have only one goal, which is providing the best possible experience for our clients! We understand that to provide that great experience we have to provide an overall great time for our customers, and that’s exactly what our exclusive Chicago female companions and entertainers provide for you! When we fulfill all our client’s desires, we have created a happy customer and a happy customer is a repeat customer, that’s why from beginning until the end, our escort service is designed to provide a great experience that you will not soon forget! If what you are looking for is a night of unforgettable fun, then you have found the right website and the right Chicago escort company – Chicago Escorts welcomes you!

Truthful Advertising

Most escort websites post fake pictures that are supposed to showcase their escorts. That is a deceiving practice of promising something and delivering something else. In most cases the escorts that actually show up to entertain you are not as pretty and lack the sex appeal of girls pictured on those companies’ – that is deceitful, unethical, and outright wrong and we at Chicago Escorts won’t stand for that! 

With the what you see is what you get, we do not deceive our clients and we only post pictures of real girls who work for us right here in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We strive to make happy customers and create lasting relationships and to that end we stand firmly committed to truthful advertising! That’s why we hope you select Chicago Escorts and have nothing but good fun!

Always Timely Service

After over thirty years in the female escort business, we have learned that prompt service and arriving on time is essential in creating the right first impression and ensuring that the entire experience is unforgettable for our clients. A wise person once said “time is money” – we understand that and we respect your time, that’s why all of our beautiful escorts strive to arrive in a timely manner, so as not to make you wait and have you disappointed in our services. We strive to be the best escort service in Chicago and that’s why prompt service is a cornerstone of our company. If you select Chicago Escorts, you will not regret your choice, that is our promise to you!

Discreet Billing

All major credit cards – Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express – are accepted at Chicago Escorts and all our transactions are billed discretely. Our entire Chicago escort company is committed to always be able to provide absolute discretion and full privacy to every single one of our customers. Any personal information you share with Chicago Escorts is held in fully secure to ensure absolute privacy and total discretion for all of our customers. Excellence is what you can expect from Chicago Escorts, not only in terms of service but also discretion in billing and full protection of your identity and privacy

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