Chicago Escorts Rates


The best reason why you should call the Chicago Escorts !

At the Chicago Escorts, we provide our clients with 1st class Escorts at a flat rate fee that is guaranteed!
This way you can really enjoy your time with the Escort of your choosing, and not have to deal with all the unpleasantries that are so often associated with the escort business.

For over 30+ years has built an excellent reputation as the most successful escort service here in Chicago .

We began long before the internet and the digital age!
Back then we did business the old fashioned way, and many of the things we learned back then, today we still practice and hold near and dear to our heart . Some of these things are Honor , Integrity , Appreciation.

When we built our first web site back in 1998 … our official foray into the modern digital age , we have made sure that the old ways were still a big part of what we do .

We like to say around here it does not matter what you say .

It matters what you do !  

By always taking good care of our customers and showing our appreciation … like we would our good friends and family is just another way we incorporate those old fashioned ways in the digital age.

We Want you , the customer to have piece of mind ; hence , there are no surprises . What we tell you is what we do , and that leads us into the most important part of our message on this page .

We ALWAYS CHARGE OUR CUSTOMERS A FLAT RATE FEE  , and WE GUARANTEE THAT RATE every single time you call . This , along with making sure that we have the absolute best escorts in Chicago are just a few of the many things that keep our clients coming back … again and again .

We respect your time and money ! You work hard for it ;  therefore, when you choose Chicago Escorts , we work hard to make sure that you will never be disappointed .

Chicago Escorts has a wide variety of models and escorts specially selected from all over the world, South America , and Europe available for you to choose from , and all of them are both gorgeous and sexy . Whether it’s Jasmine , most popular blonde , or the fabulous Miss Nikki , we are certain to have just the right girl for you .

Our rates are not negotiable !

Why ?

Because we offer our customers a flat rate fee . This gives our clients the comfort of knowing what the price is, and this Gives the Customer Peace of Mind.
This is a Big Part of our success .

Our history as a company here in Chicago dates back to the early 1990s.

Our reputation is extremely important to us , so rest comfortably knowing that when you call the one and only , we will do everything we can to make sure that you are always happy !

Why ?

Well , we think the answer is quite simple .

We want you to come back .

VIP … Be advised that rates can vary, depending upon the escort or a model of your choice, so please make sure that when you call or email us that you ask your customer service representative for the exact pricing for escort you have chosen . 

At Chicago Escort we don’t care how you pay … Just so long as you pay .

We accept all forms of legal tender aka Cash , as well as  all major credit cards … Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card .
We also accept PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash, and Zelle.
Unfortunately we do not accept American Express .

To protect your right to privacy we offer fully discrete billing for all credit card transactions and we promise to keep all your personal information safe and confidential.

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