Rose, Sexy Chicago Escort !


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Chicago Escort, Rose is the Crème de la Crème of Part-Time Girlfriends.

Rose is every bit as beautiful and moving as the most beautiful rose in the most beautiful of rose gardens.

Rose likes to say that she is like a rose … beautiful , sweet smelling , and enchanting with  a little bit of a naughty side sprinkled in there .
Ok, let’s be honest. I am a whole lot naughty, and a whole lot sweet !

If this sounds like something that you are looking for,
then let’s  make it happen .

I am not just a  keeper !
I am the best Damn escort in Chicago !

I live in the Chicago Loop , so I am available most any time downtown.

Advance Reservations always work best , but if I am available, I will be excited to come and see you pretty much anytime .

Call now , and Make a Reservation for a little night adult entertainment at …