27 March 2018

Why call an Escort Service, and which ones are good ones to call?

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The Conventional dating scene has its advantages & disadvantages. When you are involved in conventional dating, you try everything to make each other happy both emotionally and physically. The demands are great! However, things change for many when they decide to focus on their professional lives and careers. The demands and rigors here are even greater!

When this happens, the window of opportunity to have a bit of fun is very small; therefore, resorting to the services of any Escort Agency seems more practical.

As one of Chicago’s Oldest and Most exclusive escort agencies, ChicagoEscorts.com receives tons of emails from people all over the world.

They are most insightful! And in order to help you make better decisions when you do call for an escort or escort service, here are just a few of their experiences, and some of the things that you need to be mindful of.

The People Speak out!

One of our regular clients now; talks about, how he had tried certain Escorts off of Backpage and other adult sites in the past and how they failed to meet his needs. He wrote in his email, “When I pay for the Escort, it is most often about convenience and expectations.”


When someone knocks at my door in the night, when you have already made up your mind who you wanted to see and what you wanted to do; then suddenly you see some other girl standing at the door. This is a major let down, and it is certainly not conducive to have a really good time. I called to have a good time! Right? Not this. It is extremely disappointing.

The waiting, it is Painful!

Successful people are often times successful, because they work their asses off! That leaves very little time for a personal life and having fun. Waiting for someone to show up and they’re late; does not start things off on the right foot. Try being late for a real date. Then showing up and acting like nothing ever happened! No big deal! Right? WRONG! I can promise you that no matter what, things will not go well for the rest of the night. That being said, why should it be any different with an escort?

Answer is: It shouldn’t!

How do you fix the problem then?

It’s quite simple. You go to someone like ChicagoEscorts.com who has a history and reputation that safeguards you as the customer against all of these unpleasant experiences.

Having a reputation and integrity is everything!

That’s why ChicagoEscorts.com still does business the Old Fashioned Way! The way where time matters. The way where your word is your bond, and when you tell someone that Nikki is going to show up, Nikki shows up, not her mother or someone else completely different!

The Way when someone tells you that it’s going to cost $400, it costs $400! Not $399 and certainly not $499! No extra charges, no hassle or haggling. Just exactly what they tell you it will be.

ChicagoEscorts.com has an impeccable reputation unharmed over a period of some 30 years in a business often times described jaded at best. Now that is quite an accomplishment. ChicagoEscorts.com is one of the original pioneers in the Escort Industry, and they do things right, the old fashioned way!

The goal at ChicagoEscorts.com is to offer the best adult entertainment experience possible! This is achieved through hard work, honesty, integrity, and knowing what you, the customer wants. It is about the Fun and Pleasure that they promise to their customers when they call. We only offer the best, and if they think that they do not have what you want and/or need, they will say no! I can’t help you. Who the hell does that anymore? Right? Well, evidently they do, so when you require the services of an escort company, do some investigation. See how long they have been in business, and if they have been around a long time? It’s pretty safe to say that they probably know what they are doing. This will save you time, money, and most of all the disappointment of not having a good time.

When You choose a company like ChicagoEscorts.com, you can always expect world-class experience and the ultimate pleasure of HAVING A GOOD TIME. They have been doing it for 30+ years!

Or you could always go on Backpage or one of the other escort sites. This way you can either waste your time, not have a good time or both! I think not!

I think I will just call ChicagoEscorts.com next time I am in Chicago, “cuz I just want to have a Good Time”!

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